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“We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back” – Malala Yousafzai


Feminism is a range of political ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish and achieve equal political, economic, personal and social rights for women. Feminism stands for equity for both genders and values to make a better society. This way of thinking stands for the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities and also be seen with the same capacity to work and contribute our society.

Feminism stands for equity, not equality. It is a fact that men and women are not exactly the same but that have the same values and rights in society. None of both genders should have more rights or privileges than the other. Feminism also wants to end with gender tags. For both: men and women. Tags are stereotypes and roles that each gender is supposed to follow just because society says so. The hashtag #HeForShe trended for a while in many social media apps, the hashtag stands exactly for what it says. His rights, his opportunities, his value the same as HERS.

Feminism beneficiates both genders by ending with barriers society has to stop them of doing or being something because of their gender.That why men can also be feminist, it is not a movement just for girls. This ideology goal is to end gender rolls, it wants freedom, no violence nor discrimination of any kind for anyone. People often say “it is an exageration, women only want to empower themselves”. But the number of women affected by any type of violence because of the simple fact of being women are alarming. There is a problem. We cannot close our eyes, if men and women worked as one with the same value and the same opportunities to improve the world would be much better. More peaceful. We are brothers and sisters and we should be seen as the same thorugh the eyes of law. No gender should be “better” or “more powerful”.

People often mistake feminism and hembrism. Hembrism is wanting to empower women by making less men. It is NOT feminism. Not at all, because feminism stands for everyone’s rights and it doesn’t want to degrade anyone to achieve the goal it has. Its is very important to know the difference between this two ideologies because they stand for very different things.

Great celebrities also stand for this movement and has openly supported it. Some of the most famous artists that has identified as feminists are Emma Watson, Ellen Page , Beyonce, Ashton Kutcher and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Also Malala Yousafzai, the winner of the nobel prize of peace considers herself as a feminist and also works as an activist. Feminism is happening. You can watch it from the distance or support the movement and contribute to this huge change that must happen to advance as a society.

To conclude I personally consider feminism as a really beneficiary movement. If everyone followed and believed in feminism values the world would be less violent. Do not misunderstand the term, it is not a attack. It wants to heal the big wound that machism has made through the ages. Feminism is one of the major keys for a more pacific model of society that could make everyone happier. Join feminism. Be a feminist.



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  • Antonio Emilio

    Great essay! Personally, I didn’t know the real objective of the feminists, which I already know that is not supporting the women by degrading men, knowing this probably I would become one of them. Also, it is important to notice the diference between feminism and hembrism. Thanks for the information!

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